The valley's best mobile medicine/house calls. We are the doctors that come to you.

Sometimes it’s not easy, practical or possible to get to a physician’s office

MD HomeCare is a practice of doctors Nurse Practitioners and Physician Assistants who make house calls just like the old days. We come to your home, office,  assisted living facility, or group home. We can treat anything from the sniffles to patients with complex medical needs.

MD HomeCare is one of the only house call practices in the United States that has both Primary Care and Specialist Providers on staff. Our team of professionals enables us to deliver convenient, comprehensive services to treat the whole patient.

MD HomeCare was established in 2017 to fill an unmet need for medical care among patients who were unable to leave their homes or who had difficulty getting to a Physician’s office. Often these patients had complex chronic conditions that required ongoing medical care. Without proper care, their condition would worsen, and the patients eventually would require emergency care or admission to a hospital – at a high cost to both patients and payers.

At MD HomeCare our approach centers around providing ongoing Primary Care with specialty services as needed. This enables us to monitor patients’ conditions and address problems before they become urgent, reducing the need for emergency care and hospital admission and improving patients’ quality of life.

Headquartered in Phoenix Arizona, our practice continues to grow each year. In addition to providing in-home services, we also work with assisted living facilities and hospitals to provide ongoing or post-procedure care.


Our visiting house call Medical Providers are able to provide medical care at home, treating patients in the comfort of their own homes with a suite of mobile medical services that align closely to the services provided in a typical doctor’s office, yet with more hands-on and in-depth approach to treating patients that is very differentiated from the traditional doctor’s office visit – our typical visits are 30 to 90 minutes long.


MD HomeCare offers physical examinations, disease management, medication management, laboratory testing, mobile x-ray, cardiology and pulmonology consultation, transitional care expertise, and home care coordination